Hi, I'm Malte Husung

Deeply interested in XR, game development, software architecture and HCI topics.

Unity Assets

GlobalMessage - Event System

The flexible event system, designed for productivity and usability. GlobalMessage enables you to decouple your game systems and create flexible, easy-to-maintain software architectures.


For general inquiries and suggestions you can email me at hey@malte-stop-the-spam-husung.com
If you need support for the GlobalMessage Unity Asset, email me at support@malte-stop-the-spam-husung.com


VR Industry Training for Plastic Molding

A VR application for training employees in the plastic molding industry. Users can explore a detailed factory complex or jump into dedicated learning lessons, which allow users to completely dismantle mold models, as seen in the video above.


  • Leading technical implementation
  • Leading concept creation
  • Implementing all aspects of the learning lesson gameplay (see video above)
  • Improving and automating lesson creation workflows
  • Mentoring a career starter

Implementing the learning lesson was a neat challenge because
  • The learning lesson had to be a reusable system because multiple lessons with different mold models had to be created. Another studio with little experience in Unity was responsible for the lesson content, so the workflow for creating and filling a lesson with content had to be automated and as easy as possible.
  • The performance had to be smooth on Meta Quest 2 mobile VR. The model seen in the video above consisted of ~400 individual parts. Each of these parts had to be grabbable by itself or as part of different bigger grab groups. And every part had to be able to be highlighted with an outline effect.

Global Message - Event System

A passion project that I developed in my spare time. It helps to decouple gameplay systems from each other, allowing for cleaner code and project architecture. The system allows for editor-only, code-only and hybrid workflows, making it easy to use for team members with different backgrounds.

It was a challenge to develop a complete product, from idea to store page, all on my own. I learned a lot during the process and am proud of the final result. Have a look at the documentation, the video tutorials and the asset store page.

Escape Quest

A fun cooperative escape room adventure designed for free-roam virtual reality. 2-6 players solve physics-based puzzles and interact with plenty of objects; all together in one tracking space. They can explore the entire train and must find clues and combine objects to get the train up and running again. (playescapequest.com)


  • Creating a generic networkable software architecture that allowed us to reuse and standardize our gameplay systems
  • Helping create our custom networked physics solution on top of Photon PUN
  • Introducing workflows that helped keeping an overview of our game flow and events
  • Implementing the audio cue logic
  • Implementing the save point system
  • Mentoring an intern

Further Projects

Over the years, I worked on many more game projects, for example Reddie, The Amusement, Frozen Factory and more unreleased titles.


  • Creating our rotation-gain-redirection-system that we use in all of our redirected walking games
  • Prototyping & implementing novel locomotion techniques for VR like swinging with a harpoon gun, pulling yourself along a rope while standing on a boat or a man engine
  • Creating a projectile-based damage & effect system for a VR multiplayer game with AOE damage, fire & ice damage and elemental resistances
  • Creating a VR inventory system